I was just waiting at the bus stop for Nathan to get home and one of our neighbors was there with her 1.5YO daughter. We were talking and suddenly the daughter points at me and says, “It's daddy!”

Me: “No, it's not daddy.”

“It's Daddy!”

“It is decidedly not Daddy.”

It’s Daddy!

I looked at her mom and said, “I am not paying for college.”

Soon after, Nathan arrived and walked up to me and I said, “Meet your new sister.” He walked away. Smart kid.


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Dec 9
21 years ago, upon graduation from grad school, Katie and I dove into Sex and the City. It was already most of the way through the run of the show but we could get it from the library on DVD...
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Dec 11
Over the river and cross the bridge to the Home Alone house we go. Apple Maps knows the way to guide our Hyundai on our annual pilgrimage, yo! I think we have a new family holiday tradition… visiting the McAllister’s...


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