Goals '22...

It's the time... of the season... for go-oals!

I can't believe I have to think of this crap again. I enjoy having the goals written and set out in front of me already so I can just fall back and track my progress. I do not like writing them, though. This despite the fact that I've been lazy AF and have pretty much just copy/pasted them, year over year.


[image courtesy of adp.com]

Which is basically what I'm going to do again. Heh. Lazy AF, indeed.

Music Play:

Three new-to-me bands per month is a solid goal to strive for so I’m sticking to it.

Camera Play:

I know I said I was ditching #MiniMoviePosterMonday, but I couldn't come up with anything better and the popularity seemed to ramp up a bit toward the last two months of the year when some of my coworkers discovered I was doing it. So I will stick to it. 

Word Play:

48 books in a year is perfectly fine for me. However, as an additional goal, I plan to read the core 12 novels in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. No, not the off shoot books. Just the core ones. Those would be: 

Fitness Play:

This goal had its ups and downs this past year. But I think it was a positive thing overall. But I do want to add in some more regular trips to the gym. I need to get my shoulder in a happy place again and ensure I am doing something when the weather is less than friendly. So, keep going with the four workouts per week, but make sure the gym is peppered in there. I just am not sure how I want to do that.

Blog Play:

Since I stopped my daily blogging, I think it might be advantageous to add this back in to make sure I don't overlook this site entirely as I've done in the past. 50% posting throughout a given month seems solid. I'd like 75% but I don't want to burn out again. So 50% with a stretch goal of 75%.

Update Play:

And, per usual, I will dedicate one blog post each month to recapping my goal progress from the month prior. 

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