MaMo 2021.52…

Just as things were picking up, I get a challenge photo with no guesses. Well, other than Steve’s standard James Bond guess. I guess they’re both “spy” flicks.


Maybe this final one of the year will garner a few guesses. It’s seasonal. It’s recent. And it’s the Mother of Serpent Eyes.


See you in 2022!

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Dec 24
December 24… Chicagoland… and it’s 48° F out right now. We’ve had no discernible snowfall at all this season and it’s certainly not gonna be a white Christmas. We’ve had more rain in December than snow. Yeah, global warming is...
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New you…

Dec 28
What is the USPS trying to tell me here? ”Hey! The New Year is almost here! Get fit! Get fit! Sell your house!” Sheesh. Peer pressure much? As a note: This is ALL I got in the mail today.


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