As an adult and parent striving to help my son pick up LEGO bricks he missed from the floor, it amazes me to think back to my younger days and how much more dexterous I was and capable of easily peeling up those colorful bits of plastic from hard flooring and carpets.

These days?


Thank you, Roy Kent.

I feel like I could write a week’s worth of posts each accompanied by its own unique Roy Kent gif and it wouldn’t get repetitive at all. 

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Jan 26
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Jan 28
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SAME! I finally had to stop on Facebook because I was usng Roy Kent more than shrugging Elmo (my go-to reaction GIF).


Do I support stopping the use of Roy Kent gifs cold turkey? (Refer to gif on this post)

Marty Mankins

Appropriate posting a LEGO subject blog post on the 64th birthday of the brick.

I approve of any Roy Kent GIF.


It was the 64th birthday? For real? I had no idea. Total coincidence.

Marty Mankins

Coincidence is always a great thing, especially when it comes to LEGOs.


I’ll take it.

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