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MaMo 2022.01…

Jan 3
My Sister-in-Law Jen got the final #minimoviepostermonday challenge photo of 2021 with Last Christmas. Looks like this challenge lives! EEEEEEE!! I CAN’T STOP!!!! See you in seven.
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MaMo 2022.02…

Jan 11
Sorry about this being late. I just wasn’t feeling like taking a photo last night. I was comfy in bed when I remembered I needed to snap it and… well… The winning guess is gonna be split between my brother...


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Suzanne Apgar

What happened? I don't understand the symbology.


Red lines mean the service is down, yellow means it’s broken up or spotty. MetroNet is our internet provider, and Amazon Web Services powers almost every streaming service known to man including Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc.

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