We decided to reorganize our pantry and a cabinet or two. In order to achieve this, we ordered a box of stackable plastic containers from Amazon.


They arrived a mere four hours after ordering them. Incredible.

So we started putting stuff in them and had it all portioned out and figured out where we would put them and all that jazz.

But then we got to the the final two containers and, of course, both were cracked.


Seriously, WTF??

We had already put all our stuff in the others and broken down the old boxes so there was no going back.

Of course we’re going to return/exchange them but what are the odds? And why didn’t Amazon send them in an outer box? They arrived in the box they were packaged in by the manufacturer. 

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Suzanne Apgar

You shouldn't need to send back all of them. Just call them and they will send some new ones.

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