Dec ‘21…

Happy New Year, everyone! Before I move beyond 2021, I have to recap that last month known as December.

1. Music Play: I spent most of December reviewing albums for my K7 Audio ‘21 list and really didn’t get in many new listens. The closest I came was finally getting around to listening to an old metal band I knew of back in the day but had only ever heard one track from. That is “Scared” by Dangerous Toys.


Dangerous Toys

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is still here and will continue in 2022.

3. Word Play: Well beyond done.


Here’s what I have planned for January.

4. Fitness Play: It was an off month but I still got in 16 days of working out. However only five of those were in the second half of the month. Holiday slowdown, I suppose.

5. Update Play: Here you go!

And welcome to 2022!

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