MaMo 2022.02…

Sorry about this being late. I just wasn’t feeling like taking a photo last night. I was comfy in bed when I remembered I needed to snap it and… well…

The winning guess is gonna be split between my brother and my friend Mike since I can’t tell which guess came in first.


How about this one? Be careful, it’s in disguise. You might think it’s one movie and then it winds up being another.


See you in six!

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Jan 6
Well, this freaking sucks… How the hell do we entertain ourselves now? Physical media… like peasants??
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TIL 2022.01...

Jan 13
Today I went down an IMDb rabbit hole when a discussion on my work Slack veered toward the old 80s/90s sitcom Cheers. I looked at the main listing page for the show on IMDb and suddenly wondered what happened to...


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Marty Mankins

Here is another movie that I have seen so many times that I should have taken a guess at this one.


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