Today I realized I had a really old oil change reminder sticker on my windshield that had never been replaced despite having at least one oil change done since this time. Seeing it got me wondering how much I've driven during the pandemic.

I used to put in the average 1,000 miles per month, give or take, with my drive to and from work and other errands I did on a regular basis. But I work from home exclusively now and I know my driving has gone waaaayyyyyy down as a result. After the pandemic started, I practically didn't drive anywhere for a few months. In fact, the first time I got back in a car, it felt really foreign to me.

Back on track, here's the sticker from my windshield...


Based on the fact that it's a reminder of the upcoming need for an oil change based on date (three months) and mileage (3,000 miles), it's a safe assumption that this particular oil change happened on May 26, 2021, when my mileage was at 123,595. Sound kosher?

Here's my odometer today...


It's been eight months and two days since that oil change when this sticker was placed in my windshield and, in that time, I've driven a whopping 1,369 miles. That's 171.125 miles per month, approximately. 

Wow. Just... wow.

Thank me later, ozone.

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