TIL 2022.01...

Today I went down an IMDb rabbit hole when a discussion on my work Slack veered toward the old 80s/90s sitcom Cheers. I looked at the main listing page for the show on IMDb and suddenly wondered what happened to Woody's wife Kelly. And, with that...

Today I Learned that Kelly Gaines Boyd...


...is played by the same actress (Jackie Swanson) who played Amanda Hunsaker, the coked-out, topless jumper in the opening minutes of the original Lethal Weapon.


I mean, I totally see it now. But for the last 35 years? Not so much.

Today I Learned that Jackie Swanson did her own stunts on Lethal Weapon. Well, “stunt”... singular. She jumped 35 feet into an airbag. I'm not sure I could do that. Or would ever want to. That whole "fear of falling" thing with me.

Today I Learned that Jackie Swanson was friends with Prince (AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) and got her start as the girl wearing the “Raspberry Berry.”

Today I Learned, while looking for a picture to go with the last TIL entry, that Pat Smear, guitarist for Foo Fighters and Germs was also in that video. WTF??

Today I Learned that it doesn’t matter if you have different last names, Emma Watson and Emma Roberts are clearly the same person.

Today I Learned that I am officially addicted to Wordle.

Today I Learned that my initial internalized hopes of blogging every day in January were dashed. Days ago. Ugh.

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