I’m an Apple fan. Have been since 1999 and, no matter how many missteps they make, I’m sure it will remain this way.

You’d think enough screwy decisions would eventually turn me off of their products, right? Well, the reason why even that wouldn’t do it is because I get to play with the “other guy’s” stuff in my work life where I do QA of websites and use Android tablets and phones in my testing. And during that time, I get to personally experience what utter pieces of shit Android devices and apps are. Their missteps are far greater in my experience. 

I go crazy over missing features or lack of attention to detail I. one versus the other. And I know it’s not gonna change because I see these issues reported in both official and unofficial channels and they are never fixed. And if they haven’t been fixed by now, they just never will be.

And then there are devices that aren’t quite Android but close enough like my Amazon Fire tablet. I love reading on it in the Kindle and ComiXology apps. Those are fine. But they use a proprietary app called Silk as a web browser that is utter trash. Trying to open the IMDb app to look up stuff opens Silk to an error page half the time. And the Goodreads app won’t give you reading status on the My Books view unless you go into each book and it shows all my Currently Reading books as Read and won’t let me update my progress (works fine on my iPhone).

Why don’t people care? It kills me.

So, until the world ends, make mine Apple.


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To the overly vocal minority, a big piss off. Because now Nathan has no school… in-person or virtual… while our district figures out what their next steps are, legally.


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That's exactly how I feel. Are Apple products expensive? Yes. Do their apps look better and work more intuitively than their Android equivalent? Hell yes. And that alone will stop me from straying from Apple (for now). I will be open to a new option should there ever be one, but for now I love my Apple OS and I hate Android (and I do own an Android tablet so, like you, have enough experience with it to be able to compare the two fairly).


Exactly! And I hate sounding so elitist but I’m of an age right now that I don’t want to waste my time trying too hard to figure things out and get workarounds, etc. Plus I hate that Android is so distributed that there is no consistency. I think that’s why app developers don’t put as much heart into Android as they do Apple.

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