Given all the bullshit going on in this world, it’s nice to have a little giggle to offset the junk. Like when you read this headline…


And the first comment you see on Reddit about this article reads “Long awaited by who?”

All may actually, eventually, be okay with this world. Until then, though…


(I plan to include this, or something similar, in every post I write until this illegal, unprovoked war ends.)

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Feb 25
Today, Nathan went in for oral surgery to remove a backup of teeth in his mouth. Y’see, he had one baby incisor remaining in his upper jaw that refused to come loose. Turns out he had two teeth behind it...
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Feb 28
Christa chimes in for a second consecutive week with the correct guess on #MiniMoviePosterMonday with Hotel Transylvania 3. How much time will you spend Chasing the answer to this week’s challenge photo? See you in approximately seven days.


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Kevin Spencer

I can't say I've really been looking forward to another sequel with a, checks notes, 79 year old Harrison Ford. Maybe it will be ok? Nothing has come remotely close to Raiders Of The Lost Ark but you never know.


It’s expected to be a passing of the torch movie. But I thought that’s what Crystal Skill was supposed to be as well.

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