Kevism: Reduction…

I was starting to get a little overwhelmed. My list of books I was actively reading ballooned to six books and I was losing my ability to focus on even one. But in the past few days, I knocked out three. Two of them tonight alone. I’m feeling much better. Thank you for asking. 

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MaMo 2022.08…

Feb 21
Lots of people guessed it, but Christa was first with An Affair to Remember. Here’s a new challenge photo into which you can really sink your teeth. See you in seven… or so.
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Feb 23
A friend is sending me something from Georgia and provided a tracking number for the package. Based on this tracking number, this package is making some impossible rounds. (Please note that this is listed in reverse chronological order, earliest at...


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Kevin Spencer

While not on your level for devouring books, I'm really enjoying getting back into reading. I don't always have time every day to read, but it's more days than not. Books are great.


At least you’re getting back into it. Slow is better than nada.

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