I’m currently In the market for a new external/primary monitor  to attach to my laptop when I’m working from home. A second screen is the only way to go in the QA world!

I have a 27” Samsung that I inherited and it’s okay. I mean, it has done its job but… it’s not the greatest picture. There’s a constant flickering. The touch button panel is annoying. The colors are inaccurate compared to my MacBook Air even after adjusting them. And it takes up a lot of room on my standing desk.

In order to defeat that last issue, Katie got me a really nice mounting stand that clamps onto my desk and is fully adjustable and I’m gonzo about using it. Except… the Samsung has no pre-drilled holes onto which I’d attach the mounting brace to connect the monitor to the stand.

WTF? That’s one of the greatest things about the modern era of flat panel TVs/monitors! They weigh so little that you can mount them ANYWHERE! But apparently not all of them. Maybe it’s because it’s so darn old?

Given this and my previously listed issues, yes, I’m buying something new.

So I was shopping and found a 27” HP with a screen that bleeds nearly to the edge on three sides and is just aesthetically gorgeous…


Then I flipped the image around to look at the back and…



Again… WTF?? I checked a bunch of other HPs and none have holes that I could see.

What is wrong that the most basic of features is not included UNIVERSALLY on these devices???

So I guess HP just knocked themselves out of contention.

Good thing the LGs and Acers I’m checking out have everything I’m looking for including HOLES!!

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Feb 14
Katie sent me this. It made me laugh.


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Suzanne Apgar

Do you want my 32" Sony Bravia TV?


Thanks, but I’ve been told that for what I need, TVs are actually not good. The refresh rate is much better on actual computer monitors.

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