A friend is sending me something from Georgia and provided a tracking number for the package. Based on this tracking number, this package is making some impossible rounds.

(Please note that this is listed in reverse chronological order, earliest at the bottom)


If this is to be believed, it started in Peachtree, GA, and made its way to Atlanta 12 hours later then to Chicago 6 hours after that. Tight timeline but possible if on a plane.

But then it made three departures in a row starting 20 minutes after arriving in Chicago… one from Chicago at 6:34, another from Chicago 14 minutes later, and then, inexplicably, it departed from Atlanta again 20 minutes after that. How???

Sixty seven minutes after departing Atlanta, it arrives again… in  Atlanta. And then it arrives a second consecutive time 28 minutes later and 750 miles away in Carol Stream, IL, only to then depart Atlanta again one hour and 12 minutes later.

It then departs Atlanta again 1:45 later and a third time two minutes after that.

Is this actually two or three different packages or is it just going on a magical mystery tour?


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