The other day, we bought Nathan and new mattress and box spring for the new bed we built for him a handful of months ago. The problem? Katie and I each drive a Hyundai Sonata. Not exactly the best for getting a mattress and box spring home.

So we did something I’d been dreaming about since 2011 when I sold my Ranger… WE GOT A TRUCK!!

Yup. A big ol’ used half ton truck!

Well, we rented it.

For 90 minutes.

From Lowes.

But Nathan got to ride in it which made him überhappy.


I gotta stop making something out of nothing. 

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Feb 8
I finished my third book of February earlier tonight, marking my 13th of 2022 out of my 48-book goal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not foolish enough to think this reading rate will continue for the entirety of the year....
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Feb 10
Am I the only one who finds it weird when the same actor plays two different comic book hero/villain roles? Chris Evans as The Human Torch and Captain America Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and Deadpool Josh Brolin as Cable...


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