Feb '22...

March… already? WTF?

1. Music Play: Lots of good music was heard in February including a band for which I nabbed the entire discography! 


Dance with the Dead
Loved to Death (& many other albums)


Cate Le Bon




Dissolution Wave

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday isn't always on time, but it's there!

3. Word Play: Eight books bringing me to 38% of my goal total for the year already. My March plans will be posted tomorrow.


4. Fitness Play: 11 of 28 days with exercise of some sort. That’s… not good. I must do better.

5. Blog Play: 25 of 28 days saw posts last month. I’m a-okay with that!

6. Update Play: This is it.

Can I average out all my other goals with my lackluster fitness goal to bring up that total?


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MaMo 2022.09…

Feb 28
Christa chimes in for a second consecutive week with the correct guess on #MiniMoviePosterMonday with Hotel Transylvania 3. How much time will you spend Chasing the answer to this week’s challenge photo? See you in approximately seven days.
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Libroqueue 2022.03...

Mar 2
Okay, usually a very overachieving month for me is followed by a massive lull the next month. Not so here. Here’s what I planned to read in February: Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of...


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