One of the big things I was always looking forward in being a parent was introducing my kiddo to Star Wars and watching through them all with them. 

Sadly, though, Nathan has zero interest in Star Wars outside of LEGO-related content. Okay, he's watched the very first movie and some of The Clone Wars with me, but doesn't want to continue at all. It's almost become a source of pride for him to mock me when I (continually) ask him if he wants to watch ANY Star Wars with me.

My only hope was his best friend, J, who watched all the Star Wars movies and cartoons with his dad and loved them. He was even dressed as Anakin Skywalker for Halloween last year. So I kinda figured that one day J would want to watch and drag Nathan along to watch with him.


Today, however, while the two were playing here at our house and I was working, they were trying to find something to watch on TV and I suggested they watch Star Wars together. J looked at me and said, "Ewwwwwww. I'm not a Star Wars kid anymore. I'm all about Marvel, like Nathan."

I have nothing against Marvel. Never have, never will. But, but, but... no more Star Wars?? WTF???? 

I challenged J and said, "But your dad is a Star Wars fan. Won't he be sad you won't watch them with him anymore?"

He said, "He likes Star Wars, but he likes Marvel more."



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I just died a little inside for you as I read this. I got lucky with both kids being total Star Wars nerds.



Although we did convince him to watch The Force Awakens this past weekend. And now he doesn’t want to watch anymore of them.

Kevin Spencer

Oh man, sorry to hear this.


We did get him to watch TFA. So there’s that.

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