Tubin' 2022.01...

I haven't done a Tubin' post in TEN MONTHS??? What is wrong with me??? So, um, how about a totally non-St.-Patrick’s-Day St. Patrick’s Day edition of Tubin’?

Many of these came from coworkers or rabbit holes that happened because of coworkers. So, enjoy!

I feel like her about Brady's retirement. And I'm even less excited about his return. Again. Geez, he's the next Brett Favre. Give it up already.

I love all the different ways that the theme song is used in the show Ted Lasso from the opening credits, to an odd acoustic version in "Beard After Hours," to Dani singing it in Spanish while running on a treadmill. And I also love how fans have interpreted the song.

Ohmigod, he really does!

Smart monkeys. But I wouldn't expect anything less.

I love Chik-Fil-A. I know their corporate beliefs and religious leanings suck. But our local franchisee is great and the people working for him are fantastic. But this is funny all the same. 

What are you watching?


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Yesterday, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved making Daylight Saving Time a 24/7/365 affair. Today, they unanimously approved condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "War Criminal." [Putin looking like he gives a damn, courtesy of Reuters] I can't wait to...
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Mar 18
Well, that sucked. At least Iowa also lost. Ugh.


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