Child art is always interesting, isn’t it? Just a total crapshoot as to what you’ll get vs what it’s supposed to be.

Nathan is no different. Sometimes his stuff is very straightforward. Other times? Not so much.

Take this, for example…


I have no idea what it is. “Abstract art” was the assignment, but that’s about all I know for sure.

It’s completely off the wall…

and unhinged…

and awesome

I’m not even sure which way to turn it.

But I love it!


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Apr 26
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Apr 28
I’m not sure if these viewing stats from Netflix regarding Nathan’s preferred video themes say more about him as a kid or about me and my parenting of him. Ugh. At least I definitely know he’s my kid.


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Suzanne Apgar

I'd like an interpretation...


I got nothin’! But it looks like it would make for great alternative rock album art.

Suzanne Apgar

I agree!

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