Perspective is a funny thing sometimes. Funny in how it can be used to make a point. Funny how aspects can be left out to make a different point.

For example, I voted for Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. I liked him and wanted him to win, so I voted for him, and he won. I am also pretty happy with how he has turned around the state’s financial status and given us a positive credit rating for the first time in decades. Combine that with his response to COVID-19 and he basically already has my vote in this upcoming election.

I did notice, however, an interesting ad this cycle in which JB talks about how he has helped improve the financial fortunes in Rockford by supporting an expansion that turned their airport into a local hub for Amazon.

Sounds really cool. But, perspective, as I said, is interesting.

I found this article from WBEZ Radio about how the airport expansion is a bit stalled because on the only patch of land into which the airport can expand is a prairie conservation project, known as Bell Bowl Prairie, which is home to a very rare bee known as the Rusty Patched Bumblebee.


But is that mentioned anywhere in the campaign ad? Of course not. It’s a happy ad about jobs he created. Nothing about bulldozing a conservancy and further endangering a rare bee. Nor did he respond to WBEZ for their article.


It’s rough. I like JB and, given who else is running, I’ll probably still vote for him to be re-elected. But I don’t dig the covering up going on here. Not that I trusted politicians before this or was naive enough to think they don’t skew things for their benefit. But this sucks. Bees are in enough trouble as is. Redirect the damn railroad track and save the bees.


[all images courtesy of WBEZ]


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