We just booked our second trip of the year... well, it's mostly booked. 

This is my annual company business trip and both Katie and Nathan are going along with me as they did last year. So we'll tack on some extra days and make it a family/business trip hybrid.

However, because it's our company trip, I have to use an online booking service that allows billing directly to our accounting department for booking my flight to and from where we're going. This is cool. It's actually a very easy-to-use service. But the trick is that I cannot book Katie's and Nathan's flights using this same service and then pay back the company or use my own credit card on the system. It's just not set up that way. 

So, what we have to do is book through my company's system and whatever system we want to use for the two of them at the same time so we can guarantee the same flight each way and, ideally, seat reservations as well. 

Well, Katie has enough frequent flyer points saved up that her ticket is paid for minus a fee or two. And, because she's using points, she cannot book her's and Nathan's flights in the same transaction. They have to be done separately, which, to me, is inexcusable. It's not like we're using different billing systems or credit cards or whatnot. Just one flight with points and fees paid via credit card and another flight with the whole enchilada on that same credit card.

And now, for whatever reason, the website is not allowing us to book the second flight. I'm currently on hold with the airline at 10:30 at night on Easter Sunday to try to figure out what's going wrong and hoping that the flight we want for Nathan doesn't sell out to someone else while we wait on hold. 

Stickfa-computer-frustrationAirlines wonder why passengers get so frustrated. Add stupidity like this to the list, will ya?


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