As a recovering Wordle/Quordle addict, I found this article about how breaking your Wordle streak can affect you to be very interesting. 

For the most part, I just enjoyed reading about people getting totally messed up by breaking their win streak. Considering I never really had a very good win streak either because I screwed up a puzzle, I missed a day, or my browser cache reset and I lost my progress (the worst thing about never having to create an account to play), I was never really in the same boat as these people.


[image courtesy of Getty via Trent Crimm, er, Laura Hampson of The Independent]

But a coworker's 88-day streak was busted last week (on a puzzle I solved in two tries, no less) and he was upset about it. Not question-your-life-and-choices upset, but still. 

My bigger takeaway from this article, though, is the idea of only sharing your losses on social media instead of wins. Per the interviewee in the article, “It violates that expectation of curating an image of success and perfection on social media, the posting your Ls." The contrarian in me really digs that. I may have to do it. 

Oh, and I mentioned above that I'm "recovering" because I only played once while we were on vacation and I considered that the separation I needed to break myself of feeling obligated to play every day. I think in the two weeks since we've been back, I've played only three times and only because I wanted to. Not because I felt I needed to. There's a big difference. Huge.


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Suzanne Apgar

I haven't gotten into Wordle, but I know lots of people who are.


I had to stop playing the Happy Colour daily pictures because they were taking up too much of my life. Streaks do odd things to your brain. I'm playing some puzzle games because I have a 2000+ day streak on them. If I broke the streak I probably wouldn't play them anymore. That's what happened to Duolingo. My streak broke for whatever reason and I never used it again (although apparently it's gotten better so maybe I should look at it again).


Wait… language learning has been gamified??


I think that's why I like Quordle better. It's more challenging, so I don't usually get more than a 2 day streak going.


I actually found Quordle to be more challenging and more fun overall as well.


Also. Symble. :)


Dunno that one. I actually dropped Quordle for Waffle.

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