It’s never easy coming back from a vacation. Never has been. Never will be.

Getting back into a routine.

Going to work.

Doing laundry.


Buying groceries.

Reading emails.


Adapting to weather differences.

Just normal life acceptance stuff.

But for some reason, this one has been tougher than most. And it’s not just me. Katie is having a terrible time of it, too. Neither of us can explain why.

We’re just not.


Does that make sense?


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Apr 1
Ain't no foolin'! It's April 1, yo! 1. Music Play: I got about 2/3 of the way to my goal that I can prove. I know there was more, but I forgot to note what they were and Bandcamp does...
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Kevism: Polygamy…

Apr 3
I have enough trouble keeping up with one family. How in the hell do some people balance two or more families??


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