Kevism: Relegation…

I’ve now watched Ted Lasso enough that I want, nay, demand that all American sports suffer relegation and work to earn promotion to elite status. No more of it just being about championships, I want them to have to work to earn and maintain their spot in leagues and, consequently, give lesser teams a chance at bigger paychecks when they have played harder. College athletics, too. Earn those conference placements.


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Apr 21
Here’s a question for ya… if you could only watch the acting gigs of one actor for the rest of time, who would it be? One actor/actress. TV. Movies. Shorts. Animated films. Anything they’ve done, no matter how small an...
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Apr 23
Perspective is a funny thing sometimes. Funny in how it can be used to make a point. Funny how aspects can be left out to make a different point. For example, I voted for Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. I liked...


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