MaMo 2022.16…

I noticed only tonight that Stef popped in there with a partial guess of “Spider-Man 7.” While definitely not the full title, or even the right film number, it was the closest legit guess so it wins.


Will you say “I do” to this challenge photo?


See you in May.


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Apr 24
One of the things I’m tasked with checking on websites is the user experience (UX). Think of it as asking “Would the user enjoy or find this website easy to use?” If yes, great. If no, can I think of...
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Apr 26
Per Wikipedia... Scam baiting (or scambaiting) is a form of internet vigilantism primarily used towards advance-fee fraud, IRS impersonation scam, technical support scams, pension scams, and consumer financial fraud. Scambaiters pose as potential victims to waste the time and resources...


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