Mar '22...

Ain't no foolin'! It's April 1, yo!

1. Music Play: I got about 2/3 of the way to my goal that I can prove. I know there was more, but I forgot to note what they were and Bandcamp does absolutely nothing to maintain a play history or whatnot. And I cannot scrobble from Bandcamp to to help with tracking. Booooooooo.


Plum & other singles


Valley Gals
Snake Oil Salesman

2. Camera Play: I did miss posting this week simply because I was on vacation and didn't have anything readily available and, honestly, figured you'd enjoy photos from the vacation more. So, #MiniMoviePosterMonday was almost always here in March.

3. Word Play: Nine more books bringing me to 56% of my goal for the year. You can check out my April to-read list in yesterday's post.


4. Fitness Play: 19 of 31 days with exercise of some sort. That’s much better than February. I actually had two weeks where nearly every day saw exercise. I'll take it!

5. Blog Play: 26 of 31 days blogging. That's a minor decline from February but still well above 50% per my goal. And I closed the month with an 18-day posting streak! Let's keep that going!

6. Update Play: You're reading it.

Wow. March was better than I thought it would wind up. Weird.


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Ohhhhh, buddy! While it slowed down a bit at the end (because of vacation), I still had another good month in March! Here’s what I planned to read in March: Anna Faris’ Unqualified Eric Idle’s Always Look on the Bright...
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