Something happened to me today that has never happened in my 22 years as a working professional… I got a promotion!

I knew today was going to consist of a discussion about a raise. But after informing me my raise was more than I expected, our department director informed me that the promotion in which I expressed interest to him and that I hadn’t planned on happening until the tail end of this year or early next year was coming at me full steam ahead, effective immediately.

I was blown away. And ecstatic! Then it was announced internally on Slack and all the kudos came rolling in and it was so overwhelming. Then on LinkedIn. Just wow.

It was amazing. I’ve never felt this before. I kinda want to soak it up for a while longer.




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Apr 13
All out.
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Apr 15
I’m just curious what kind of person it takes to think, “Hey! My jacket is kinda flat. I’m gonna throw a few tennis balls in the dryer with it and hope for the best!” Seriously.


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Suzanne Apgar

It was well deserved, Kevin...well deserved!!

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