One of the things I’m tasked with checking on websites is the user experience (UX). Think of it as asking “Would the user enjoy or find this website easy to use?” If yes, great. If no, can I think of something that might make it better?

Of course, when you think about it enough, it starts to seep into your real life. How can life be made easier or more sensical? What things can a producer of goods or services do to improve my experience with said goods or services?

This, for example, is such an easy and inexpensive thing to do and I love it insanely! Tags stitched into my fitted sheets indicating how they get turned so I don’t have to guess.


And with king-sized sheets being just a bit off from being a perfect square, this is sooooo welcome!

There’s a special place in heaven for people that actively pursue improving the user experience.


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Apr 25
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Kevin Spencer

What? How did I not know certain brands of sheets come with tags inside. This is a game changer.


Huge! But there’s no way to know without buying and opening them.


OMFG best idea ever. I almost *always* get our king sheets round the wrong way first go. You'd think it'd be 50/50. Confirmation bias but whatevs. But great idea!


The thing is, without the tags, even when the sheet was on correctly, it still didn’t necessarily fit exactly right and would pull up as you move around on it leading you to re-orient it only to discover it fit even worse. Ugh.

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