Taped 20…

You know you’ve developed a reputation as a cassette collector (although VERY dialed back in the last couple years) when people start picking up tapes for you.

I wanna give a shout out to a few people who have done just that recently…

My friend and co-worker Holly drew my name in our office coffee/tea swap and instead of just sending me a bag of beans, also included two tapes from dark punk bands local to her that she loves.


Nervosas and Wooly Bullies. Both are great!

My longtime buddy Marty Mankins managed to find a limited edition anniversary release of Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast at his local record store.


I tried to find a copy near me but my local shop couldn’t get it and the others stores in the Chicagoland area that the Maiden site claimed should have it did not. Truly botched release, IMHO. But Marty found it and that’s all kinds of good. Thanks, dude!

Lastly, another coworker and my brother from another mother, Abe, was at a concert last weekend and saw that they were selling tapes. He nabbed one for me. I have no idea who the band is but implicitly trust Abe’s taste. So I can’t wait.

Felt good to write another Taped post after so long.


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