Dear Illinois,

I’ll never understand what you did to piss Mother Nature off so much that she just can’t decide what should be going on here weather-wise.

For us to have, within a week and a half, temperatures ranging from 20°F to 82°F, tornadoes, snow, thunderstorms, driving rain, and whatever else I may be forgetting. It’s just nuts. It needs to stop.


Whatever happened between you two, could you please try working things out with her?


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Apr 28
I’m not sure if these viewing stats from Netflix regarding Nathan’s preferred video themes say more about him as a kid or about me and my parenting of him. Ugh. At least I definitely know he’s my kid.
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Apr 30
Ten more books. Ten!! What the heck is wrong with me?? Every month I say it has to slow down or stop completely and it’s not. WTH?? Here’s what I planned to read in April: Eric Idle’s Always Look on...


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