Apr '22...

Some good. Some bad. That’s April for ya!

1. Music Play: Only 2 for 3 on this goal. Lately I’ve been getting stuck in listening patterns. Mostly older stuff from my teens and 20s. Just been appealing and comforting. 


Ideal Form


Bloc Party
Alpha Games

Admittedly, I did know of them from about 16 years ago but have not listened to them since so it kinda counts?

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday got back to normal in April. Although last night a hacker took over my @yonduonterra account. That won’t affect the macro challenge, but it pisses me off nonetheless. 

3. Word Play: 10 more books in April and that included clearing out my Currently Reading queue in Goodreads. Wow!


4. Fitness Play: 16 of 30 days with exercise. Gotta do better but gotta also not be sick.

5. Blog Play: I blogged every day in April! I wonder if I can keep that up? 

6. Update Play: You're reading it.

Time to see if Facebook has gotten back to me on my IG account hack. Not likely. It is Facebook, after all, and they never give a shit.


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