On Saturday, April 30, I got catfished over on my @yonduonterra Instagram account. A guy I thought I knew asked for help with something and, in the process of helping him avoid a scam, I fell victim to one.

It turns out his account had been scammed away from him and then the scammer tried to make a move on the accounts he followed and I fell for it.

Now I have lost access to that account and Facebook/Instagram is doing nothing to help. Because I had two-factor authentication (2FA) in place, they claim they can’t do anything. Their only suggestions were to use my recovery codes (which I lost) or request a verification code via SMS (the scammer changed the phone number on the account). So, basically, I’m SOL.

I started a new account @takemoretoyphotos (based on a hashtag I started using a year ago) and, honestly, I prefer the new account. I’m doing things differently. Better, I hope.

I would like to regain access to my old photo library, though, and merge it into the new account. Technically, I could repost them using the copies I have at But I’m afraid the scammer would claim, since he has the older copies, that I’m violating his IP and get my new account shut down. Odds are low, but I don’t wanna risk it.

What also sucks is that many of my 1,300+ followers have begun receiving the same scammy requests I received. I even received a scam request at my primary @kapgar account. They’re claiming that they (as me) regained legit access to my account.


I haven’t been able to get through to all my old followers to warn them, but I’ve gotten through to some and they’ve been spreading the word on my behalf.

Scammers are scum. There is a special place in hell for assholes like them.


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Kevin Spencer

Oh man, sorry to hear about all that. That sucks.


Thanks, dude.

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