MaMo 2022.17…

So maybe I picked a film that was too new for you all to get. I was hoping that saying “I Do enjoy this film” might help reveal the answer. Alas…


Just like me and my photos, this next #MiniMoviePosterMonday is very unpaid.


See you in seven.


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May 1
Some good. Some bad. That’s April for ya! 1. Music Play: Only 2 for 3 on this goal. Lately I’ve been getting stuck in listening patterns. Mostly older stuff from my teens and 20s. Just been appealing and comforting. Topographies...
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May 3
For a quick second, I wasn’t sure if I was looking at an Instagram post from my local park district… Or the account behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade… Uncanny. But it isn’t the first time sports and alcohol have intermingled.


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