I always knew I was going to enjoy Top Gun: Maverick. But I also always figured it would be because it was campy, throwback fun.


I never expected it to actually be legitimately good. And, yet, it is! Ohmigod, I loved this 36-years-in-the-waiting sequel to that rah-rah fun U.S. Navy recruitment film starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Edwards.


The story is solid, the acting is great, the aeronautic action is amazing, and the engagement level is high. I repeat, engagement is high.


But the biggest surprise to me was walking out of a theater actually liking Miles Teller. I have seen him in many films and have always hated him. Easy to do since he plays a lot of seedy roles. But I never really dug him as an actor. Just something off about him.


I will tell you, though, I cannot imagine anyone else playing the role he played and doing it as convincingly as he did. No one.


So hey, there is still time left this holiday weekend to fork over your cash to further line the coffers of this hit maker. 

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