Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical price-gouging douchebag, has been freed from Federal prison early, thus furthering the knowledge that the wealthy can get anything. Lord knows, his douchiness wasn't tempered at all by his time in the slammer. One of the first things he did was post a selfie to Facebook with the caption, "Getting out of real prison is easier than getting out of Twitter prison." Dick.


[image courtesy of Getty Images via CNBC]

If I was ever in a situation where Shkreli needed something from me, you can damn well guarantee my cost to him would be marked up 5,000% as well. I hope others do that.

Ojalá que sí.

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May 17
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May 20
Wow. When Fitbit says you can only change your profile name once every 60 days, they meant it. I only today was finally able to change the name on my Fitbit account back to Kevin from Nathan. Stupid. Just so...


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