I was perusing the r/starwarsblackseries subreddit when I saw this unfortunate photo of a poorly molded Clone Commander Cody and the original poster asking for advice on how to fix it.


Then I read (and this is one of those moments that makes Reddit great) this first comment and the follow up and then added my own to the thread and…



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May 28
I always knew I was going to enjoy Top Gun: Maverick. But I also always figured it would be because it was campy, throwback fun. I never expected it to actually be legitimately good. And, yet, it is! Ohmigod, I...
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MaMo 2022.21…

May 30
My buddy Stephen nailed last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday with the classic Some Like It Hot. Strike first if you want to get this Challenge Photo correct. The answer is coming in for a landing in seven days.


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