Tu(n)esday: MD…

I found these pre-recorded MiniDiscs recently while perusing containers and boxes in the attic.


Oh man, MiniDiscs we’re the best… digital, recordable, re-recordable, skip-free, compact, shielded… and, later, MP3 compression friendly. I loved my three or four years using them before transitioning to an iPod.


While I’m happy to have them, they make me wish I still had my old mix MDs. I spent some good time creating those and listened to them incessantly. Oh heck, let’s face it, there are times I wish I was still using MD just as a rule.


I miss the old days of music. Sure, it’s nice having everything you can possibly imagine at your fingertip with services like Spotify but that often makes it more difficult to decide what to listen to at all.

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May 16
My friend Chelsey chimed in very quickly after last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday dropped with the correct answer. And this chin should’ve won the Oscar. See you next Monday!
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Suzanne Apgar

I don't remember those at all.


You wouldn’t really have any reason to unless you saw Katie or me with them. I used to hook mine up to your stereo to rip some mixes when we lived there just after graduation before we found our apartment.

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