So I had this conversation with Nathan just now...

Nathan: I want a snack. Can you pop me some microwave popcorn?

Me: If you want a snack, we have this bag of popcorn here from the movie theater. Eat that instead.

Nathan: Okay! I'll take it!

Me: Just don't get any on the couch.

Nathan: I know! I know!

Me: You say that, but you always get popcorn on the couch anyway.

Nathan: It's not my fault! The popcorn did it!

Me: Oh yeah, blame the popcorn. I see how it is.

This kid. I swear.


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Jun 15
Last night, prior to the start of Jurassic World: Dominion, we got to see the trailer to the new alien invasion horror film from Director Jordan Peele. I’d seen the trailer a few times before but Katie hadn’t. Even just...
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MaMo 2022.24…

Jun 20
My friend Stacy hacked and slashed through all the other guesses to win last week’s #MiniMoviePosterMonday. Make sure your guesses reach higher, further, faster this week. See you in a speedy seven(ish).


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Suzanne Apgar

Hmmmm...wonder where he learned it?!

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