May '22...

May flowers have bloomed. Have my monthly goals done the same? Let’s see!

1. Music Play: I went on a post-punk tear this month. Big. Huge. Tear. Here’s only a few of them. Oh, and some classical piano. How's that for musical attention deficit disorder?


Killing Time & several more


Head Automatica


The Dangerous Summer
Reach for the Sun


Erik Satie 
Piano Works (primarily "3 Gymnopédie")

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday is still up and running on my primary IG account. Go play! 

3. Word Play: Seven chosen, seven read, not the same seven


4. Fitness Play: 21 days of working out. That’s three weeks worth. I’ll take it.

5. Blog Play: 29 of 31 days blogging. Not perfect but not bad at all! 

6. Update Play: You're reading it.

Not a bad month overall, eh? Have a great Pride Month, y’all!


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May 31
For the first time in like ever, I read far more books than graphic novels. It felt good but I hate that I didn’t get to two of the books on my May list. Here’s what I planned to read...
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Jun 3
It sucks watching projects get delayed over and over again. You’re left wondering when they will start and how that will affect the projects that do start on time at later dates. Eventually you hit a critical mass of deadlines...


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Kevin Spencer

Post-punk is entirely my jam. So I'm making notes of these albums to give them a listen.


Oh gawd, I hope I’m not misrepresenting genres here.

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