Jul '22...

Ugh. This month blew chunks. Who says that about July ever??

1. Music Play: The only goal I actually completed. Just stop reading now while I actually look like I achieved something.


Sabrina Carpenter
emails i can't send - knew her as an actress from Girl Meets World but never listened to her music until now.


The Blitz - believe it or not, I’d never listened to them before.


Entire discography - I only knew a few songs by them before but I dove into the whole thing after learning of their pending reunion in 2023.

2. Camera Play: #MiniMoviePosterMonday died in July. I just didn't want to do it. I needed a break. But I do plan to pick it back up.

3. Word Play: Goal remains complete and I added one book to the overall total.


4. Fitness Play: 14 of 31 days. So much walking in July when on vacation. But when I wasn't on vacation, my feet were. Gah.

5. Blog Play: 9 posts in 31 days, including this one. This goal also died a painful death in July. I just didn't want to post when I was on vacation even though it would've been so easy to just post photos. But I didn't want to and that rolled over into the few non-vacation days we had. I'll get back on the horse. Some time.

6. Update Play: You're reading it. Although I wouldn't blame you for skipping it entirely.

Gotta get this boat back on course.

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Libroqueue 2022.08...

Jul 30
You knew it had to happen eventually, right? This was, indeed, my slow-down month. Even worse than last month, in fact. Ugh. Here’s what I planned to read in July: Glennon Doyle’s Untamed Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, book 1...
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MaMo 2022.25…

Aug 1
I’m not even sure what the previous #MiniMoviePosterMonday challenge photo was and don’t have the source photos in my photo roll anymore so… ALL OF YOU WIN (channeling my inner Oprah). Let’s just start fresh, shall we?


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