Few things make me feel worse than loving all the creative output made by someone up to a certain point and then suddenly not liking something by them.

It happens all the time, too. Examples…

I like all the movies directed by Kevin Smith and then Zack and Miri Make a Porno comes along.

U2 is a near perfect band until Zooropa (Even iOS tried to correct that to Zootopia just now because it must realize how bad that album is and how good that film is).

And now it’s happening with an author I really like. Emily St. John Mandel wrote masterworks in Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel. Such great understated reads. So I was obviously looking forward to her new book Sea of Tranquility and…

I just can’t get into it.


I’ve re-read the same chunk of pages three or four times now and I couldn’t tell you what’s happened to this point. I can’t even tell you the character names in this book.

I feel I should just give up and try to return to it at some point in the future instead of forcing myself to finish it now just because it’s due back to the library in seven days. Maybe I’m just not in the right mindset for it right now. Here’s hoping. 

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