I have always feared conventions and festivals. I don’t like crowds. I hate them, in fact. So, other than the Pitchfork Music Festival, I avoid them.

But parenthood changes things. You try new things because your family wants to try new things and you don’t want to miss out.

Experiences. You want to have them.

To that end, tomorrow, Nathan and I will be attending the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Exposition, or C2E2. This is the Chicago equivalent of San Diego’s venerated Comic Con (SDCC) and, while I’m scared, I’m also excited to be sharing this opportunity with him.

And, yes, he’s excited. He’s going as Riddler and he looks great.


The costume isn’t done yet, but it will be.

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Aug 4
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Aug 6
Yup, we finished the costume. He looked great. And he and I had fun. Tons of it. And he was received really well. Lots of compliments and a bunch of other cosplayers posing with him. Heath Ledger-era Joker Riddler Poison...


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