The old saying goes, “You should never judge a book by its cover.” I call bullshit. I ALWAYS judge books by their covers!

I was having this discussion with some colleagues who were talking about some book service you can sign up for that does a deep dive into analytics on your reading habits. Apparently it helps you determine prime times for reading and does comparative statistics and the like.

Another thing it does is provide algorithm-based reading recommendations. Yeah, I’ve tried that crap before and the books that are recommended to me via algorithm are usually junk.

How do I find books? Primarily recommendations from people whose opinion I trust (and there are very few of y’all out there, lemme tell you). But also from judging books by their cover.

I love media art. I always have. I found some of my favorite albums from the cover art. And I do the same with books.

I wander book stores and the library rarely looking for something in particular. I browse. And I wait to see what grabs my attention. Sure, once in a while it can give me a misleading dud. But, more often than not, I find gems amidst the rubble.

Here are a few of what I’ve nabbed lately that I never would’ve discovered if not for the covers…


With Grant Finder’s Let’s Not Do That Again, it was the split skyline and the title. It just clicked with me. I started reading this one earlier today.

Ben Aaronovitch’s Midnight Riot was 100% cover art. I love the old Victorian Era map of London presented like a jumbled word art mess.

I found Chelsea Bieker’s Godshot because it was just a unique look and I couldn’t decipher what it represented. So I picked it up and read the jacket description. I went ahead and bought it.

Now here’s hoping they’re gems!

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