It would appear that I’ve become the “man in the yellow hat.”

While in Seattle, I bought a new ball cap at the Space Needle. It was yellow and had “Seattle 1851 PNW Washington” on it.

I loved it because it was a crushable dad hat and reminded me a lot of my beloved Wisconsin Search & Rescue hat I bought with Katie 20+years ago at UW-Madison. I lost that hat years ago and nothing that I’ve worn since has really quite compared.

Then I found this and it’s cool because it’s yellow and it’s Seattle and it’s a souvenir of our trip. As a result, I wear it almost all the time.


But it has become something more. At least to Katie. She uses it to find me when we go out places. If she loses me in, say, Costco, she looks for the yellow hat to find me.

It turns out others have started to do the same.

At C2E2 last weekend, Nathan and I met up with his cousin Ava and her parents. As we wandered and got separated, I noticed that her dad Scott would catch sight of me almost immediately as I came into view; way too quickly to have been able to make out my face. So I asked and he confirmed that, yes, he was waving at the yellow hat.

Now if I could just have a monkey to hang out with me. Oh wait, I have Nate.


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Aug 10
Before… After… Left behind… That’s basically a small, furry land mammal.
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Aug 12
Man, I really wasn’t sure this week was going to end. It was a weird, wild, prolonged, disjointed, unpredictable week. And it’s finally over. I need a pool day tomorrow.


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Suzanne Apgar

Dad would like a copy of that picture.

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