I saw this bumper sticker not on the bumper of a car today...


Believe you me, I'd love to believe there was good in the world. I know there is, but every example of it seems to be countered by 10 examples of stupidity, ignorance, and hate.

As to the yellowed "Be the Good," I try. This world doesn't make it easy.

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Aug 24
I’ve been waiting for months to finally use the cool crane arm monitor mount Katie bought me. But I haven’t been able to because stupid Samsung didn’t have VESA mounting available on my old secondary monitor. That changes very soon...
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Aug 26
My son looked at me earlier today and said, "Dad, you're not swearing as much lately as you used to." I really don't know how to take that. He’s a pistol, that one.


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Suzanne Apgar

I hate to agree with you, but what can you say? The world has gone absolutely bonkers!!

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