I'm just gonna say it, slam me if you will, but digital assistants bug me. I know I tried to get into it for the purpose of home automation a few years ago. But when that bombed out, I became nothing but skeptical of them and their "abilities."

Yes, we have three Amazon Alexas and all our phones and tablets have Siri on them. But we don't use them for anything more than a fraction of what they're supposedly capable of. Alexa is used more as a bluetooth speaker for Spotify and room-t0-room intercom system than anything else and is otherwise only useful for reminding us when an Amazon delivery has arrived. We've shut down most of the remainder of her functionality. I shut Alexa down on my Fire tablet entirely.

I turned off Siri completely on my iPhone and iPad because I hated getting interrupted by her. She'd just pop up whenever she felt like she could be of assistance and offer to help (which is what Alexa does as well) and, TBH, nope, she can't be. I won't let her.

However, when we took our driving trip to Florida last month, we wanted to use CarPlay turn-by-turn navigation and that required having Siri turned on. So I restored her on my phone and just haven't turned her off even though we've been home for several weeks now. 

I haven't suddenly started using her in my day-to-day life at all and the annoyance factor is still there, but it hasn't become bad enough that I'm seeking to kill her off. In fact, it's become a little humorous actually.

For example, I get notifications of Instagram likes, replies, follows, etc. For the most part, they are just Notification Center updates. But when I'm listening to something on my iPhone through my AirPods Pro, I get audible notifications of these updates. And they crack me up. Why? Because my toy photo account username is TakeMoreToyPhotos, and the way Siri pronounces it, with the Australian female accent I've assigned to her, is "teh-kuh-mohr-uh-TOI-fiht-ihs". There's nothing tricky about the four words in my account name, but I guess when compressed together into a single entity, Siri has no idea what to do with it. 

So I laugh and then pinch my AirPod to cancel the notification and return to my audiobook or album in Spotify. 

I guess I could teach her to pronounce it properly, but what fun would that be? 


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Aug 22
Sadly, no one got this past week’s challenge photo. It wasn’t that tough, I didn’t think. Let’s try another one, although something tells me I’ve used this film before. Did I?
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Aug 24
I’ve been waiting for months to finally use the cool crane arm monitor mount Katie bought me. But I haven’t been able to because stupid Samsung didn’t have VESA mounting available on my old secondary monitor. That changes very soon...


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