I’m so proud of Katie and Nathan. As of tonight, we are through with Stranger Things 2 and it only took about nine days.

I’m just happy because soon we’ll be to where I stopped watching and I’ll finally be able to start ST4.

But, for now, it’s on to Starcourt Mall!


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Aug 20
On recommendation from my buddy Abe, I watched Pig, a movie starring Nic Cage as an Oregonian truffle hunter who seeks his prized pig after she’s kidnapped. Interesting movie. Not the John Wick revenge-fueled action flick you might be expecting...
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MaMo 2022.28…

Aug 22
Sadly, no one got this past week’s challenge photo. It wasn’t that tough, I didn’t think. Let’s try another one, although something tells me I’ve used this film before. Did I?


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