Something unexpected happened today. Totally, completely, out-of-left-field, bonzo nuts… my wife and son decided to start watching Stranger Things with me.


You gotta understand that my wife and son don’t do horror. Not one iota. It’s just not their thing. But they decided, with zero provocation from me, to start watching this show!

We are now halfway through season 1 and Nathan wants to finish the whole season tonight. 

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Aug 12
Man, I really wasn’t sure this week was going to end. It was a weird, wild, prolonged, disjointed, unpredictable week. And it’s finally over. I need a pool day tomorrow.
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Aug 14
If there is any one thing in this world more needlessly complicated than a digital alarm clock, I defy you to name it. I hate them. Everything about them. The AM. The FM. The multiple time settings. Multiple alarm times....


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Suzanne Apgar

Zoey loves Stranger Things. Maybe that was part of what motivated Nate.


It was. He actually knew a lot of what was going to happen based on what she said to him.

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