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Sep 7
On Saturday, we went to see the More Fun Stuff Version of Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is basically the dozenth time we’ve seen this film between a few visits to theaters when it originally aired as well as a...
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Sep 9
It took just shy of a month, beginning back on August 13, but we finished watching all four seasons of Stranger Things tonight. I’m really proud of Katie and Nathan. Sure, it’s a dark show. Unlike anything either of them...


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Fancy. I really wish that I had a dual-level desk because mine is flat, and I always worry that my iMac is going to fall off the small box it’s sitting on.


You could just get that standing desk addition I put on mine. Otherwise the deal we made is just a standard single level jobber.

Suzanne Apgar

What happened to the one you made?


The desk is still there. It’s just the monitor setup that changed.

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